taking down home page

I regret to relay to all that my efforts to establish and promote an effective fundraiser program using essential home services from ACN – Switch&Support at switchandsupport.org, is being put to permanent rest.  I will forever believe in cause driven marketing but in this case the soft marketing isn’t going to work with these services that most people expect to have someone assist in person or online.  I kept it alive much too long and tried several different markets and organizations to no avail.   My advisors requested that I bury S&S so I can continue to work on growing Biblical Mentoring.

So, the S&S website is being taken down but I will maintain my membership in ACN as an independent business owner (IBO) and will seek to get results doing things their proven way for personal income and thus for some extra income for my ministry called Biblical Mentoring which is at biblicalmentoring.org.  I am grateful that God has richly blessed our mission.  I am presently training 15 or so individuals in seven states and now 7 of those 15 are already discipling / mentoring / training 15 others.   My goal soon is to have 100 disciple-making disciples engaged in this Matthew 28 type of ministry.

Therefore – please remove the Switch & Support offer from your website.  Obviously, we didn’t get anyone to sign up for your account.  I am convinced that our approach would have worked with less technical types of services.
If there are any questions, please reach me at the contact info below.
Ron Lively