I am offering churches the plan to benefit financially by using Impact Health Sharing then identify one of their missionaries they support to share in my commissions.  Thus two missionaries are encouraged, me being the other one.  Or if they wish, we can split the commissions with their mission’s budget so they can spread the support among those they support or have funds for emergency causes as needed.  Most churches if not all can enjoy cutting their health insurance costs and most churches currently support missionaries.
To better understand the impact this can make, please watch the first short video on this webpage – about a church in NJ with a K-12 school that  $10,000 per month by switching to Impact.
Keep in mind, Impact Health Sharing is a non-profit health sharing plan that is honestly better than traditional insurance.  Our family depended on a couple of the well known sharing plans for twenty or more years,
FYI – TeamRhinoNation is our team’s marketing website.  The other videos will give you good info about Impact as well.