Welcome to the Switch&Support Funding Plan.  We invite you to join our efforts to generate new funding for favorite charities / nonprofits.   A new customer is invited to do two things:  1.  Select a favorite charity / nonprofit which we will Support from our commissions & 2. Switch to services provide by Stream.   Switch&Support.  Easy.

Switch&Support is a funding plan offered by a nonprofit  – Healthy Initiative Ministries  (HIM) to help generate additional “recurring” funds for nonprofits that offer services and resources for some great causes.  Some but not all nonprofits are considered charities.  We seek to help nonprofits that are doing good work but especially any that are considered as a Charity.  We affirm what is called “cause driven marketing”.  Charities / Nonprofits could use the extra funds to fund additional development staff to achieve even more fundraising goals.  We can explain how an organization can adopt this funding plan for a specific outreach like a church’s missions budget for example.

Our Mission  is to help creditable organizations generate additional funding.  We have a passion for enhancing this plan to be an effective tool to increase funding.    We know what it is like to raise funds as an individual missionary and as an organization.  It seems like there is never enough to achieve the goals.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how the Switch&Support Plan can help you or your favorite organization.

If you are a potential customer, just follow the instructions on the Home page.  If you represent a charity and want to be included in our list as creditable charities, let us know.  If you wish to help promote this funding plan to a specific network to help support a single charity or any of choice, contact us and we will get you up and running immediately or take the time to answer all of your questions.

There is a radical difference between a traditional one-time fundraiser and one that offers recurring benefits like Switch&Support.  Commissions are paid as long as customers use our essential home-based services and pay their monthly bills.

Why keep trying new one-time fundraisers annually when you can benefit when people pay a monthly power or gas or mobile phone bill?  Month after month and year after year.

Our Provider

The company that provides customer acquisition and billing for essential home-based services is Stream that is based in Dallas, TX.  The services being offered are: Energy and Wireless.  As you will see, Sprint is our provider for wireless services.

So…Who Switches and Who Supports?  
Every customer proceeds to consider which charity / nonprofit to SUPPORT and then selects which service to SWITCH.  The nonprofits can invite their constituents to SWITCH to Stream’s services with only one specific charity option.  Otherwise, customers choose a favorite charity.  Simple.  All transactions are tracked efficiently through the Stream system.  No organization receives support from S&S until services are switched and have started paying monthly for those services. There are services that people already use.

Referrals Work – Compound results of this plan by asking key people to share Switch&Support Funding Plan with others in one’s community or network.  That is, work your referrals so they can support one of their favorite charity / nonprofit as well.   Simply ask new loyal customers for referrals in own unique network to help grow the monthly (recurring) support for an outreach they wish to see supported.

We offer services, not products although we do have some products like cell phones to use with our Wireless service.

Imagine the positive impact you, your friends, and donors can make every month in supporting a specific charity – usually with a savings!  To  be clear, there are no additional out-of-pocket costs to make this plan work.

NOTE:  Switch&Support reserves the right to approve or disapprove charities we wish to support at your request.

For more information, contact:

Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Founder / Director of Switch&Support (A Funding Plan)
Stream – Managing Director
Founder / Director of Healthy Initiative Ministries (HIM)

ron@switchandsupport.org  or ronwlively@gmail.com
Cell: 615-238-4035
Office:  615-538-4523