What is Switch&Support?   Answer: Our mission is to “Helping Generate Monthly Funding for Individuals and the Teams or Causes they wish to Support”.
We invite customers of several services that people currently use to help generate new monthly funding for a favorite organization or cause / mission.
Switch&Support was developed initially to increase funding for our own nonprofit. We aim to help generate additional “recurring” funds for other organizations by the help of Independent Business Owners (IBOs) of ACN.
There is a radical difference between a traditional one-time fundraiser and one that offers recurring benefits.   Commissions are paid as long as customers use the  home or business  services and pay their monthly bills.  That can be many years in most cases.
Why keep trying new one-time fundraisers annually when you can benefit when people pay a monthly power or gas or mobile phone bill?  Month after month and year after year when there is a  better plan?
The provider that offers customer acquisition and billing for the home or business services is ACN – a 28 year old US  company in NC that now offers services in 26 countries.   You will see more when you click on the link for Services.  You can preview my ACN website at lively.acnibo.com.
Referrals Do Work – Compound the results for the organization of this plan by asking key people you know to share this funding plan with others in their community or network.  That is, work your referrals so they can support your favorite cause or one of their favorite causes.  Simply ask new loyal customers for referrals in own unique network to help grow the monthly /recurring support for the cause you are seeking to support.
Important – we offer services, not products, which helps to build monthly support.
Imagine the positive impact you, your friends, and donors can make every month in supporting a great cause like a school or a mission trip and much more – usually with a savings that the customer keeps!  To  be clear, there are no additional out-of-pocket costs to make this plan work.
Email:  ronwlively@gmail.com or ron@switchandsupport.org
Cell: 615-238-4035
Office:  615-538-4523 (Messages Only)
ACN IBO #012575283 lively.acnibo.com