What is Switch&Support?   Answer: Our mission is Helping Customers Save on Essential Services including Health Care while Generating Monthly Funds for a Favorite Non-Profit”. 
Switch&Support was developed initially to increase funding for our own nonprofit (HIM dba BiblicalMentoring.org). Now, we seek to help generate additional “recurring” funds for other organizations.
There is a radical difference between a traditional one-time fundraiser and one like this that offers recurring (monthly) benefits.   ACN pays commissions as long as customers use the  services and pay their monthly bills.  That can be many years in most cases.
Why keep trying new one-time fundraisers annually when you can benefit when people pay their monthly health sharing monthly share?
ACN offers a sales website, training, customer acquisition, billing, collections, and commissions for sales of home or business services. ACN is a 30 year old US based company in NC that now offers services in 27 countries.   You will see more when you click on the link for Services.  You can preview my ACN website at lively.acnibo.com.
Referrals Work – Do you wish to increase the funding for your favorite non-profit?   Compound the results for that organization by referring key people in your community or network nationally to share in this funding plan.  Work your referrals so they can support your favorite cause or one of their favorite causes.  Make a difference for the benefit of people in need that the non-profits serve.   Simply ask for referrals in your own unique network to help grow the monthly /recurring support for the benefit of the non-profits.
Important – we offer services, not products, which helps to build ongoing monthly or residual support.
Imagine the positive impact you, your friends, and donors can make every month in supporting a great cause like a school or sports team, a church youth ministry or a mission trip and much more – with a savings that the customer keeps!  To  be clear, there are no additional out-of-pocket costs to make this plan work.  Everyone saves monthly with Impact Health Sharing.
Thanks,  Ron

Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Email:  ronwlively@gmail.com or ron@switchandsupport.org
Cell: 615-238-4035
Office:  615-538-4523 (Messages Only)
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