Impact Health Sharing (IHS) 
To learn more, contact Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A. – SwitchAndSupport.orgLively.ACNibo.com
Phone:  615-238-4035; Email:  ronwlively@gmail.com

IHS Pre-Presentation: 
(Watch 9 minutes of IHS videos and Review Guidelines)

1. Video #1 (5:16) – “The History of Health Sharing and Impact Health Sharing”. (Disregard the last few seconds.  I will introduce ACN, the marketing partner of IHS in my presentation.  Come back to this page for Video #2.)  

2. Video #2 (:58) – What is Impact Health Sharing?  (Come back to this page for Video #3.)  

3. Video #3 (3:27) – Testimonial Video – Baptist Church & School in NJ. (Come back to this page for IHS Guidelines.)  

4. IHS Guidelines –  Read and/or download the Guidelines.  Every question you will have is covered in these Guidelines for the members.


Post-Presentation:  (Watch these prior to the presentation if you wish to learn more). 

1. Video #5 (7:29) – Sharing Protocols.   Nuts & Bolts of why IHS is best of the sharing plans.  (Come back to this page for more IHS videos.)  

2. More videos / more testimonials: Member Video Reviews (impacthealthsharing.com)