Cause-Driven Relational Stewardship is enhanced if we offer training to help you as a participating customer invite others to help generate even more support for a favorite team or cause.  Why?  Because we desire more financial support be generated for these organizations that depend on donations / fundraisers.    Contact a friend or colleague and ask
“Have you heard of how we all can help support our favorite team simply by switching our home or business services?   In other words, we can usually save on the services such as energy and wireless and more while generating monthly support for XYZ organization that has a mission I am want to support.  Go to and follow the instructions.   Most of the providers are national brand names.   Thanks so much for your help.”

ACN Business Plan Presentation (4 min)
ACN Business Plan Presentation  (2 min)
ACN Working from Home (1 min)
ACN Strive for 5  (Free Flash Wireless) & Project Feeding Kids

For Sports / Teams:
Coach Bob Ledbetter -a High School athletic director helping coaches & players / a Community (2:31)

Coach Bob Ledbetter – the value of school sports fundraiser generating monthly income (4:27 = watch to 3:00)  (Note:  The Power Up program of Stream Energy is no longer in operation.  ACN bought Stream.)

Local Schools (Williams County, TN):
2015-2018 Revenues Raised by Local High Schools


Examples of Other Ways to Give webpages with our invitation to participate:

Biblical Mentoring –

HIM / Medical Mobilizers

A Beacon of Hope

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