Cause-Driven Relational Stewardship requires that we offer training to help you as a participating customer invite others to help generate even more support for a favorite cause.  Why?  Because we desire more financial support be generated for the non-profits.  100% of the commissions earned by us will be directed to the preferred non-profits achieving to fulfill the “cause” you wish to see supported.

Training to help grow the support for your favorite organization:  Contact a friend or colleague and ask – “Have you heard of SwitchandSupport yet?   You can usually save on their services while generating monthly support for XYZ organization that has a mission I am helping to support.  Go to and follow the instructions.  Just be sure to submit the form to identify XYZ as the organization you want them to support monthly for as long as you pay for the services.  Sign up for one or more of the services offered by Kynect.   Then help us by calling others who you think will care about the mission of XYZ.  Thanks so much for your help.”

Thanks, Ron Lively
(Call me at 615-238-4035 if assistance is needed).

Examples of Other Ways to Give web pages with the Switch & Support invitation:

A Beacon of Hope
     Click HERE for their Facebook ad 

Medical Mobilizers