Looking for a safe, virtual, no-contact fundraiser?  You found it – Switch&Support which has a mission of:  Helping Generate Monthly Funding for Individuals and Their Team or Cause they wish to Support”.We invite customers to Switch to the services offered by our national provider  (electricity & natural gas; wireless/mobile; identity protection; internet, television and more) so they will be saving  on those costs while generating additional financial funds for a favorite team or cause /organization.  Customers keep their savings.
We call this Switch&Support – a cause-driven plan to raise funds for a team and for individuals.  Our primary target is on school sports teams.
Our plan uses the essential services offered by a national company (ACN) to generate extra monthly support for a favorite cause.  ACN offers both home or business services.  Easy to switch!

The high school sports teams struggle through annual fundraisers that must be re-built year, after year, after year.  ACN provides a group of  services that generates monthly funds year after year.  In other words, this is a perpetually growing fundraiser or source of funding.  Each year’s promotional efforts simply adds to the existing funding as more parents, alumni and community continue to use the services and new members are added.  This perpetual fundraiser allows booster club or the athletic club to fulfill it’s pledge to raise funds so the students can have a successful year. The customers who save on multiple services should appreciate the savings and will hopefully help to promote it to others as well to increase funding.  People enjoy sharing a really good deal!  BTW, most of  us pays for these services monthly which results in more monthly funding as needed.
Sport teams and other organizations we care about are forever challenged to raise funds for their overall mission or specific program.  We offer an innovative way for you to give even more to one of your favorite causes at no cost to you, the customer.   We can help you increase your support for a favorite cause from your payments for essential monthly services you already use. We will help recruit, train and coach one or more  individuals called an IBO (Independent Business Operator) for each sports team or organization.

Solution:  Click on our Teams/Causes webpage and then on your favorite team or cause to check availability and see the customer plan options.  (Those who have ACN links are in red).
Important:  You must sign up for the services on the correct ACN website identified with the team or cause you wish to support.  This list will be updated regularly.
Reminder:  Since you almost always pay for  these services monthly, you will be generating monthly or on-going  funds.
Optional:  Let us know here in this form your contact info and what organization you wish to support and we will send you the correct sign up website to check availability, plans and pricing.  Use our Contact page to send us questions or comments.   Our Pledge:  We will NOT share your contact information with anyone or any other entity
Charity / Nonprofit Selection
Thanks for helping to generate more funding for your favorite team or cause.
You may call us for clarification and assistance.
Thanks, S&S Team
Off: 615-538-4523 (messages only)
PS –  Training is available to help grow support for your favorite team. Together, let’s make a difference.