NOTE:   Kynect was sold to another company.  I think I have made all the necessary revisions to point you to the services of the new main Provider.  Thanks, Ron

Looking for a safe, virtual, no-contact fundraiser?  You found it – SwitchandSupport helps you become a more effective steward by using the services offered by a national company to generate extra financial support for a favorite nonprofit cause.  Easy.

Secondly, and more importantly, we offer training to help you invite others to help them generate even more support for one favorite cause.  It is called cause-driven / relational marketing.
We can help any nonprofit.  The big difference with our program is that the organization you choose for us to support will gain monthly support since customers pay for the services monthly.  Other programs sell a product that generates a one-time donation.
Want to learn more?  Click on a favorite nonprofit link below or on the Other Causes page.  Please use the form on our Contact page to let us know if you wish to add your favorite nonprofit / cause.  We will add them based on your recommendation after we take time to verify their mission / cause.
Several organizations offer Other Ways to Give or Shop to Support options on their website. However, some organizations are reluctant to promote an outside organization they don’t know or trust even though they need more financial  support and will always accept that financial support.  There are other ways to promote this program if you choose not to add it to your website.  We encourage you to reach out individually within your network by phone, text, or email to invite others to join you in your mission to help support your non-profit.
Training to help grow the support for your favorite organization:  Contact a friend or colleague and ask – “Have you heard of SwitchandSupport yet?   You can usually save on their services while generating monthly support for XYZ organization that has a mission I am helping to support.  Go to switchandsupport.org and follow the instructions.  Just be sure to submit the form to identify XYZ as the organization you want them to support monthly as long as you pay for the services.  Sign up for one or more of the services offered.   Then help us by calling others who you think will care about the mission of XYZ.  Thanks for your help.”

Thanks, Ron Lively
(Call me at 615-238-4035 if assistance is needed).


A Beacon of Hope  (Medically-Accredited Pregnancy Organization in Atlanta area)
Healthy Initiative Ministries (Biblical Mentoring & Medical Mobilizers)
Mission Harvest America (A humanitarian aid organization based in Jacksonville, FL, founded in 1991 by Dr. Dewey Painter, that provides services to a wide network of organizations and agencies such as churches, missions, hospitals, schools, social agencies, civic groups, veteran’s organizations and more.)
Use this drop down list here to find your preferred non-profit or use our Contact page to let us know what organization you wish to have added.  Thanks,  Ron
Charity / Nonprofit Selection
Our Pledge:  We share your contact information with no one nor any other entity.