Charities/Nonprofits with a specific mission or cause are forever challenged to raise funds for their specific programs.  We have a simple, innovative solution for charities and other nonprofit organizations that are not considered charities.

You are invited to support your favorite cause by switching to the trustworthy services (electricity, natural gas and wireless w/Sprint) offered by Stream.  There are two strategic steps outlined here:

1. First – register and select the charity/nonprofit you wish to have us SUPPORT.  We will support your preferred organization from the sales commissions we receive from Stream for our collective marketing efforts.  Customers usually save monthly on these services provided and the the good news is that you keep your own savings.  We will send the majority of our sales commissions to your preferred organization.  Think about this … you will be generating new funds which will help support your favorite organization (cause) without any additional out-of-pocket personal expense.   We will issue a monthly payment to each organization.  Most customers will have a preferred cause (organization) to support, but if not, we offer a list of organizations with hyperlinks for your consideration on our NONPROFITS page.

Charity / Nonprofit Selection

2. Second – SWITCH to services offered by Stream.  We can help you switch your services or sign up for a new service at the links below.  You can proceed to do this online by clicking on the specific service below.  Most people will be able to switch online without assistance. You can contact our  Support staff anytime you need assistance.  The main Support # in Dallas is 866-447-8732. -They are the experts so don’t hesitate to call them for help.  However, you must attempt to register for the service on the links below prior to calling our Support staff.  It is essential that you tell them that you are attempting to sign up on the Switch&Support Stream website.  They won’t need to know the nonprofit that you prefer to support.   We can help you achieve your goal to maintain quality services at competitive prices while generating ongoing monthly support for a favorite charity or nonprofit to help support their specific mission.


1.  ENERGY (Electricity and/or Natural Gas)

Energy (electricity and/or natural gas services) currently available in states of TX, GA, MD, PA, NY, NJ, DE, IL, OH & DC.

2.  WIRELESS (Mobile Phone Service on the Sprint Network)

Quote:  “We switched our wireless service to Switch&Support. We kept our same phones and phone #s.  We got more data for a lower monthly payment!  We switched and saved plus generated financial support for BUV Ministry every month!” – Will Austin, Founder of BUV Ministry (IAT).

Check the coverage for the 4 major mobile carriers in your city at  WhistleOut.

Thanks for helping to generate more funding for various Charities / Nonprofits.  Together, we can make a huge difference.