We offer a safe, virtual, no-contact platform to help raise funds for favorite non-profits from the results of your utilization and payment of essential home and business services.
We call this Switch&Support with a mission of:  Helping Customers Save on Essential Services while Generating Monthly Funds for a Favorite Non-Profit”. 
It is simple.  You SWITCH your essential services then we SUPPORT your favorite Organization with our commissions as long as the services are used and paid for on time.  And this can be adopted by an organization as a group fundraiser.  Enjoy and share about your savings and the good feeling of helping a favorite organization.
FIRST:  Investigate the services and pricing offered on our ACN online website store such as:
– travel
– mobile
– identity thief protection
– energy (natural gas & electricity)
– health care (Impact Health Sharing)
– internet
– TV
– security & automation
– payment processing for businesses
and more to come.

For all of ACN’s services – click HERE (then hover over Services) to choose the home or business service you wish to consider switching.  Our prices are usually less.
SECOND: Use this form to give us your contact info and to select from the drop down list your favorite non-profit organization (cause) you wish for us to support monthly.  You can select only one organization.   Or if you prefer, you can call 615-238-4035 to let us know the organization of your choice.
Nonprofit Selection
 NOTE:  If you fail to give us this information, we will send the funds to a non-profit of our choice.
IMPORTANT:  We pledge never to share your contact information with anyone or any other entity.
If your favorite non-profit is not listed – just go to our Contact page and recommend one which we will check out and add to our list.  This list with URL links is also on our page titled Causes / Non-Profits.
What makes this so unique?  This is a perpetual fundraiser as the payment for the services are typically on a monthly basis which means the support for an organization of your choice is on a monthly basis.  How cool is that?  Also, each year’s promotional efforts simply adds to the previous efforts & results as more customers continue to use the services.  Haven’t seen a fundraiser like this – have you?
Since this is perpetual, it is  generating monthly support for the non-profit you choose to support.
If you need a service & trust the provider and the price is right, then please let us help you, while together, we support your favorite cause.  It is easy to switch – most do it online without any assistance.  (Personally, I signed up for four of our services online.)  BUT – if you need help, please give me a call for clarification and assistance.
Lastly, consider inviting your friends to join you in helping to support your preferred organization / cause or one of their own preference.


Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Off: 615-538-4523 (messages only)
Together, we are making a difference!