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You SWITCH your essential services via ACN at MY WEBSITE (click on Services) & we will SUPPORT your favorite Non-Profit with 20% of our commissions!  Easy and it works!
Looking for a safe, virtual, no-contact fundraiser that pays out monthly as long as services are used and paid on time?   You found it – we call it Switch&Support that has a mission of:  Helping Customers Save on Essential Services including Health Care while Generating Monthly Funds for a Favorite Non-Profit”. 
Cause-Driven / Relational Stewardship is enhanced when we offer training to help you as a participating customer to invite others to consider switching their essential services via ACN to help generate even more support for a favorite organization.  Why?  Because we all like sharing a good deal to help both friends  and organizations that need our support to accomplish their mission.
To help you do that – click HERE  for our S&S promotional card.  Send this pdf file to your printer and request color copies on cardstock.  Cut them into 8 cards per sheet to use to encourage others to Switch & Support.  Thanks.
Contact a friend or colleague and ask –
“Have you heard of how we all can help support our favorite non-profit organization or team simply by switching our essential services like mobile, identity protection, gas and electricity, health care,  internet, TV, security & automation, payment processing and more?  The newest service is the one we are most excited about offering and that is switching your traditional health insurance to a non-profit health sharing plan.   It is called Impact Health Sharing.  Go to switchandsupport.org and follow the instructions.   Thanks so much for your help.”

For all of ACN’s services – click HERE (then hover over Services) to choose the home or business service you wish to consider switching.  Our prices are usually always less.

For Health Care – We invite people to SWITCH from a traditional health insurance plan to a non-profit health sharing plan called Impact Health Sharing (IHS).  Watch a video to learn about Impact; do a quote for yourself and/or family; then identify a favorite non-profit which we will support with 20% of our commissions.  You SWITCH – we SUPPORT.  Simple.  OR just call me (Ron) for help.
This health coverage (which is not insurance) and the other services are being offered by our national provider (ACN) so that both customers and non-profits benefit.
This is good stewardship or what is called Cause-Driven Marketing.  (See our Stewardship page).  A saving on your health coverage cost while not sacrificing quality of coverage is the primary concern while supporting your favorite non-profit is secondary.
THREE-STEP PROCESS for Health Care Service:
  1.  Learn more about Impact Health Sharing without the pressure of a sales person.  
    Watch the IHS Video.   Stop and rewind or even watch it more than once if necessary.
  2. Run a quick price quote and then if needed, ask for a consultation call from an expert at Impact HS.  Click on my ACN / Impact Health Sharing webpage to investigate how much you might save on your monthly health coverage costs and to talk to the IHS experts directly about your private needs.  Most save 50% – 70%.  Read the first page then click on the Learn button to do your own free quote based on the oldest person and # to be covered in the family.  Then if you wish to learn more or join as a member of an IHS plan, click on the form at the bottom of that page with my ID# (012575283).  This gives you assurance that we will support your favorite organization (cause).    Call me (Ron) at 615-238-4035 if needed.
  3. IMPORTANT: Identify your favorite Non-Profit organization.  Using this form, give us your contact info and select from the drop down list your favorite non-profit you wish for us to support monthly.
    Nonprofit Selection
    If your favorite non-profit is not listed, not a problem – just go to our Contact page and recommend one which we will check out and add to our list.  This list with URL links is also on our page titled Causes / Non-Profits.
    NOTE:  If you fail to give us this information, we will send the 20% to a non-profit of our choice.
    We pledge never to share your contact information with anyone or any other entity.
It seems all organizations that raise funds struggle to support their programs.
What makes this so unique?  This is a perpetual fundraiser or source of funding.  Each year’s promotional efforts simply adds to the existing funding as more customers continue to use the services and new ones are added.  Since this is perpetual, it is  generating monthly sales commissions for the non-profit you choose to support.  If you trust the service and the price is right, then please let us help you while we together support your favorite cause.  It is easy to switch – most do it online without any assistance.  Personally, I signed up for three of our services online.
Call for clarification and assistance if needed.

Thanks,  Ron

Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Off: 615-538-4523 (messages only)
Together, we are making a difference!