You are invited to support your favorite charity by considering the various services (electricity, natural gas, wireless w/Sprint, Virtual MD, Digital Voice, etc) offered by Stream.

The first step is to select the charity you wish to support.   We will support the selected charities regularly from the funds we receive from Stream.  Customers usually save on these services while Stream (the Provider) rewards us for our marketing efforts.  You will be able to keep your savings.  Note – we will add a registration and drop down list of charities at this point in the near future.  Until then, please use the response form below to indicate  your charity preference prior to switching services.

Our plan at this time is to issue a check to each Charity when the accumulated support reaches $50.  The list of charities with hyperlinks for you to consider is at the bottom of this page.  Not all of these organizations have endorsed this program.

The second step is to SWITCH your services.  We can help your switch your services or sign up for a new service at the links below.  Or you can proceed to do this on your own.  Call 615-538-4523 if you need assistance. CLICK ON THE SPECIFIC SERVICE YOU WISH TO CONSIDER as you achieve your goals to maintain quality services at competitive prices while generating regular support for a favorite charity that depends on donations for their operating budgets.


1.  ENERGY (Electricity and/or Natural Gas)

Energy (electricity and/or natural gas services) currently available in states of TX, GA, MD, PA, NY, NJ, DE, IL, OH & DC.

2.  WIRELESS (Mobile Phone Service on the Sprint Network)

Quote:  “We switched our wireless service to Switch&Support. We kept our same four phones and the same phone #s.  We got more data for a lower monthly payment!  We switched and saved plus generated about $50 more support for BUV Ministry every month!  Fortunately, Switch&Support provided a volunteer to help us make the switch.” – Will Austin, Founder of BUV Ministry (IAT).
Check the coverage for the 4 major mobile carriers in your city at  WhistleOut.


4.  HOME SERVICES (Digital Voice, etc)

Thanks for helping to generate more funding for various non-profit Charities.  Together, we can make a huge difference.



Here are some charities for your consideration.  The listing includes hyperlinks if more information is needed. Not all of these charities have endorsed this program.  Let us know if you wish to recommend a charity not on this list.  

Note:  HIM, as a non-profit charity, will retain a reasonable percentage for administrative costs.  That means 100% of funds we receive from this specific program will be contributed to Charities.


Send us your questions, comments or request for assistance: