Welcome to Switch&Support –  You have found the Switch&Support Stewardship Plan (formerly called Save & Give).  We wanted to present a simpler concept in the new name.  A new customer is invited to Switch to our services which Supports the nonprofit that has adopted this funding plan.  Switch&Support.  Easy.

Switch&Support is a stewardship plan offered by a nonprofit (HIM) for nonprofits to help generate additional “recurring” funds for nonprofit organizations. That means monthly commissions to support your budgeted or special projects.  It can even help fund additional development staff to achieve even more of your overall fundraising goals.  This website is for organizations to consider adopting  this funding plan.  Most of this website is for you.  The landing pages for the participating nonprofit organizations listed under the Nonprofits tab is for potential customers.

Our Mission  is to help your organization generate additional funding for the Cause or Charity you support or for your own Mission.  We have a passion for enhancing this program to be an effective tool to increase your funding.   We know what it is like to walk in your shoes.   We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how the Switch&Support Plan can help your organization.

We offer a lot of detailed information here on this website so  if you already know you wish to adopt this funding plan and are ready to get registered, call us and we will get you started immediately by sending you our Expectations Agreement and/or take the time to answer all of your questions.

We will be producing a video soon to help you better understand the radical difference between a traditional one-time fundraiser and one that offers recurring benefits.  The commissions are paid to your organization as long as your customers use the services and pay their monthly bills for some essential home-based services.

Why keep trying new one-time fundraisers annually when you can benefit when one of your members or constituents pays a monthly power or gas or mobile phone bill?

Our Provider

The company that provides four types of essential home-based services is Stream that is based in Dallas, TX.

The four services are:  Energy, Wireless, Protective and Home.  Click on the Stream tab to learn more as you consider adopting this funding plan.

So…Who Switches and Who Supports?  
Your organization will invite your constituents to SWITCH to Stream’s services on the nonprofit’s landing page under the Nonprofits tab while Stream as the Provider of those services will offer financial SUPPORT to reward your organization for your marketing efforts.  Simple.  All transactions are tracked efficiently through the system.  The BEST part is that you will be introducing or updating your contacts about the mission of your organization.  This is why we call this Cause Driven Marketing.

No organization receives support until services are switched.  That is, services that people already use.

Referrals Work – Compound your results by asking your key people to share this Switch&Support Funding Plan with others in their community or network.  That is, work your referrals so their friends can support your nonprofit too.  Simply ask new loyal customers for referrals in own unique network to help grow your monthly (recurring) support.

Getting started is simple.  Request our Expectations Agreement.  Once signed, we get you registered as a business associate of Stream.  We get you started immediately.  We train your staff and volunteers to contact your referrals.  You send out an announcement to indicate that you have approved this stewardship plan.  This is much more than a fundraiser.  Our goal is to help you grow your base of supporters with people who understand the wisdom of being better stewards.  You then post your S&S banner on your website on the Other Ways to Give page or your Shop & Support page.  Share the information while guiding people to your customized S&S landing page that directs them to the right Stream website (online store).  All activity is tracked correctly when you are using the right Stream website.

The HUGE difference is that the participating non-profit organization is paid not just once at the point of sale but EVERY month when those customers pay their Stream bills.  We call this recurring support.   A fraternity or sorority for example can be generating more funds for a larger annual donation to their chosen Charity.  Or the nonprofit can use this extra support to help meet budgeted or non budgeted monthly expenses.  There are lots of possibilities for this kind of plan to be successful.

Marketing of Stream’s essential home services results in gathering customers. Period.  The main focus is on acquiring more and even more satisfied supporters who are now thinking about your mission every month they pay their regular bills.

There are various ways we can stimulate growth in this plan.  For example, we intend to keep adding more business associates (non-profits using this funding plan) so there should be some additional financial benefits for your organization from this as well.

Unlike some programs, our associates cannot purchase and stockpile products just to earn larger bonuses. We offer services primarily, not products.  Although we do have some products like cell phones to use with our wireless provider which is Sprint.

We also offer a Digital Voice (VOIP) system and some unique items in conjunction with the energy services.  Any equipment or information needed will be shipped from Dallas or direct from a supplier.

What about taxes?  It is my understanding that a non-profit can earn unrelated business income up to 50% of your total income prior to paying the necessary taxes on the amount over 50%.  IRS will accept payment of necessary taxes from a nonprofit.   However, to be sure, you should consult your tax accountant.

Imagine the positive impact your friends and donors can make every month in supporting your organization – your mission.  Usually at no extra cost and usually with a savings!  They simply switch to Stream and then just pay their normal bills for energy (electricity and gas in selected states) along with mobile, protective and home services offered by Stream nationally.

Bottom line, when a non-profit organization adopts this Stewardship Plan, their only focus is offering more and more referrals that results in more loyal customers learning about your organization while using this as their Giving Plan to help support your Cause or Charity.  The CustomerPlus program on our MONEY page explains the financial rewards for acquiring more and more customers.  Long-term monthly support is the key benefit from these efforts.  We will work closely with your development staff or Board members or whoever is assigned to help make this funding plan work.

NOTE:  Switch&Support reserves the right to approve or disapprove nonprofits requests to participate in this plan.  There are also a number of documents to be approved by our Provider in their application process.

Click on this Sign Up banner to learn more about Stream as the Provider of our services.

Let us know how we can help achieve generating more supporters and more support.

For more information, contact:
Ron Lively, M.Div., M.A.
Founder / Director of Switch&Support Plan
Stream – Managing Director
Founder / Director of Healthy Initiative Ministries (HIM)
ron@switchandsupport.org  or ronwlively@gmail.com