The Joseph School

You may already be a supporter of The Joseph School and you may have already given to them recently.  If so, we applaud your consistent generosity to advance their cause and mission.
We have an innovative way for you to give even more at no cost to you. It’s easy!  We can help you increase your support for this organization from the essential monthly services you already use.  Take a look at how you can “Kynect” your services.  We guarantee that 100% of the funds we receive are offered to non-profits.
Switch to the services offered by Kynect (electricity & natural gas by Stream; wireless services by Kynect with T-Mobile; a rewards program call Truvvi; home protection services by Brinks; etc.) and you will be generating additional financial Support for this organization.  We call this Switch&Support – a cause-driven stewardship program.
1.  First – register to affirm your wish for us to SUPPORT this organization.
Switch&Support will financially support this organization from the commissions we earn after you switch your essential services.  Customers usually save monthly on these services. The good news is that you keep those savings!  You don’t pay any more for the funds we send to non-profits.   Even better, you can actually earn cash back on our Truvvi Rewards program!
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Our Pledge:  We share your contact information with no one nor any other entity

2.  Second – SWITCH to the services offered by Kynect.  
Click on this Kynect link for our website to consider switching to our services.

Please attempt to switch your service online.  You may contact our Support staff anytime you need assistance.  For energy services, call Stream Support at 214-800-4400.  The Kynect Wireless Team in Dallas can be reached at 833-859-6328. They are the experts.  Don’t hesitate to call them for help.  If you call Kynect, tell them that you are attempting to switch on the Switch&Support / Kynect website. They do NOT need to know the cause that you prefer us to support as that is our responsibility (The First Step above is required).  We will help you achieve your goal to maintain quality services at competitive prices while generating monthly support for your favorite organization (cause).
We will help you switch your services or sign up for a new service.  Thanks for helping to generate more funding for your favorite cause.   Together, we can make a huge difference!
Organization’s website: The Joseph School
You may call me for clarification and assistance.
Thanks, Ron Lively – 615-238-4035