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Stream is our service provider for this Stewardship Plan.  As a seasoned company based in Dallas, TX, Stream because they offer a referral and commission plan that protects the high quality of service you expect, and powerfully generates funding for participating nonprofits in this stewardship plan.

Stream’s Services include: 
Energy (electricity or natural gas services in states of TX, GA, MD, PA, NY, NJ, DE, IL & DC plus OH. 
Mobile (Cell phones and Sprint plans offered nationally)
Protective (Virtual MD and more)
Home (Smart Thermostat; Digital Voice/internet based home or office phone service)

You can see how each organization will be offering these 4 types of services at one of the landing pages.  For example, go look at  We include your mission on this page that appeals for your people to help your organization.


Stream offers a Compensation Plan that pays $200 for every set of 15 customers you acquire.  It is called CustomerPlus.  This is a game changer as now you can put your focus on attracting more and more customers.  There is no limit to the number of customers nor income. This makes a huge difference.   To better understand how this new Comp Plan makes this funding plan possible, go to our Money  page to see how this is developed in four easy steps. 


Stream also offers business associates referral bonuses called Free Energy and Free Mobile.  Nothing beats FREE.   With our Free Energy program, each additional business associate (non-profit) that joins to use this plan can qualify to participate.  Your customers can help your organization financially by referring others to sign up for Stream services (using your Stream website).  The Free Mobile program works the same but the bonuses are set at specific amounts.  Both of these bonus program are now limited to qualified Stream individual or business associates.  Click on these two active links for more information.  These are also game changers.  A nonprofit may seek to earn 25% only or even 50% while some may seek to earn 100% bonuses to offset their own organization’s energy or mobile bills.

To see some samples of nonprofits that have adopted this funding plan, go to the Nonprofits tab and click on one of the organizations to see the page that you and your members could share with others to grow this funding plan for your organization.

When you have decided to adopt this Funding Plan, the first step is to call us to get registered.  You will be asked to complete the IA Sign Up form like the one you see by clicking on this Sign Up banner.  IMPORTANT:  Be sure to check with Ron at 615-238-4035 before proceeding to get started.




Let’s get your plan stated today.  Call or text to get the process started.  We have listed six easy steps to follow on the Process page.