Show Me the MONEY!

So, what is the income potential of this funding plan?   Well, it is unlimited.  Your income is based on your success in acquiring customers.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Below is the comp plan for acquiring just customers.  You set your own goal.  Meet that goal and set a new goal.  What you add this month will build on what you have acquired already.  Your monthly income from this plan continues to increase as long as you continue to add new customers and all of your customers continue to use and pay for the Stream services.  SIMPLE.


Here is a summary with a cumulative total of customers:

a.  Your first 15 customer points generate 3 bonuses ($200 plus $500 plus $500).  So, the initial goal is to earn $1200 for this initial set of 15 points.  One customer may have several points by switching several services.
b.  Then you get 15 more points for a total of 30 points.  When you complete getting your 30th customer (and all are active), the payout is $200 MEI and a $500 bonus.
c.  Complete your next set of 15 customers and earn an additional $200 MEI check and another bonus of $500.  On and on for each set of 15 customer points as you can see in the chart.
e.  There is no limit to the number of customers nor the income for this program.  The income is recurring month after month for active customers.

Set an initial goal of $1000 MEI per month which would be 90 customers.  Reach that goal by making friendly contacts or updates with your network of donors and loyal constituents.  Then invite their referred contacts.  Set a higher goal, etc.  Just continue to make making updates in your communications, offering thanks, and reminding those in your network that you have adopted the Switch&Support Plan to generate financial support.

Most will say that the monthly recurring support is much more important than the one-time bonuses.    Obviously, this is because bonuses have to be earned and are not recurring every month.

As you can see from the chart above, if you and your Board and your loyal Donors help you to get up to 300 customers, the monthly income is $3800 per month – every month as long as all of those customers are active.  This funding plan keeps growing and growing if you keep promoting it.  You set the limit for the # of customers / monthly income.

Value of Referrals:  The real key to quick success is asking your customers for a few referrals or getting them to encourage their friends to sign up for Stream Services to support your nonprofit organization.  One loyal customer can point you to many more if they wish to help you advance your mission.   What you and your loyal fans do is simply promote your mission (your Cause) which you love to talk about and then introduce how you helped to increase your support by signing up for services offered by Stream.  (See Stewardship Page).

This fundraiser beats a one-time fundraiser all day long.

SO, What is the COST:

The total cost to adopt and launch this funding plan is a one-time payment of $199  which will be offset when we work together to get your first 3 customer points to earn your first bonus of $200.  We will aim to do this in the first week.  With your cost reimbursed, all you earn after that is 100% profit.

Next, see the Process page for Six Steps to Success .  

Let’s talk about getting your stewardship plan (fundraiser) started.  Call Ron at 615-238-4035.