Free Wireless

AFFORDABLE is great.  FREE is better.          

Similar to Free Energy, Free Wireless lets your non-profit as a business associate earn bonuses based on your Stream Wireless customer acquisition efforts. When you start enrolling wireless lines (including your own, if you’re a customer), you can immediately start qualifying to earn your Free Wireless bonus.

Earn Along the Way – Start earning a partial Free Wireless bonus when you’ve enrolled just five qualified lines.  You’ll continue to earn a bonuses with five and 10 qualified lines as you work toward 15 for the first five months after qualifying for your first Free Wireless bonus At this point, you’ll continue to earn a bonus if you have 15 qualified lines.

As you can see, your non-profit can earn a bonus of up to $65 per month to spend how you want!  BTW, our simple plan rate for one phone is $45 per month (before taxes).