1.  First, are you familiar with the concept of “Cause Driven Marketing”?  See the Marketing tab for some clarification.   This is what makes this Funding Plan unique.  Let’s get started if you are ready to raise some funds for your organization while promoting your Cause or Mission.  You will gain more than additional funds.  Our focus is on helping you gain additional funding to accomplish your special programs or Cause.  We have the system developed but it can’t be done without some effort on your part as an organization.  And yes, we will protect your valuable relationships with your existing donors but we aim to help you gain more loyal supporters – something every organization needs and values.   

2.  Do you understand that this is not a one-time fundraising program?   This is radically different in that with continuous growth, the income potential continues to grow?   We are offering services that customers pay fees for monthly which generates additional recurring support to reward for your marketing promotional efforts.  

3.  Have you evaluated the scope of your network?   This will determine if we appeal for potential customers for energy plus the other services or just the other services besides energy?  As you know by now, Stream offers Energy (electricity and natural gas) in only a few states at this time but more are being added on a regular schedule.

4.  Do you have a clearly defined mission or cause?  That will be the starting point in our efforts to promote the services in order to generate some benefits from this funding plan.  See this as the rewards for the marketing efforts which you should be doing for your mission or cause anyway. 

5.  Do you have one at least one volunteer to get started?   One volunteer is essential but more will be better.  These volunteers will be trained to make some calls to your staff, donors, and friends of your organization.  This is not a passive funding program.   We cannot expect there to be much if any response by simply adding this option to your Other Ways to Give page or Shop To Support web page.  People will not respond simply by seeing a banner on your website and it will take some ongoing dedicated efforts to encourage and equip your potential customers to realize how they can Switch and Support with this plan.  We will help train your volunteers with a goal that one of those will become a trainer to train more volunteers as needed.  

6.  Will you permit these volunteers to have access to your list of contacts?   This is necessary for making the calls or sending texts?  (Emails usually don’t get results).   Switch&Support will not need or want your valuable list of contacts.  This will be used by your own people for your own purposes.  However, this program will not work if your volunteers do not have access or permission to make some appeals to the people you refer to them to contact. 

7.  Will you be comfortable with a standardized calling script?  The script for the volunteers to use is the landing page we provide under the Nonprofits tab.  We will ask the non-profit director to give us written approval on what is used on that landing page to be used by the volunteers with a potential customer.  You may wish to modify it for your unique culture or constituents?

8.  If your nonprofit is a ministry, will you be comfortable with your volunteers ending the call with an appeal for prayer as well as regular donations for your mission?  This is Cause-Driven Marketing so we really want to remind people of your unique mission and your specific needs or for general donations if you wish.  This will be something you can control with your volunteers.  Some people who cannot or do not wish to switch services or even make a financial donation might pledge to offer valuable prayer support for your organization.  The more calls your staff  or your volunteers make to your constituents keeps people connected to your organization – to your cause or mission.   

9.  Are you ready to get started raising some additional supporters and support?  This Funding Plan will enhance the efforts of your Development staff and if you can’t afford to hire staff to do development or fundraising, this plan will help you with the additional funds for a development budget.  Let us help you get started with what is practically a no-cost program.