BUV Ministry (Institute for Affordable Transportation) has adopted the Switch&Support Stewardship Plan.

The Institute for Affordable Transportation (IAT) is a not-for-profit public charity devoted to improving the lives of the world’s poor by providing simple, low-cost vehicles in order to facilitate community transformation.  A simple solution that not only changes lives but saves lives…bridging the gap between vital services and people in need.  More than cars, we are building up people and opportunities.  IAT’s goal is to connect missionaries, churches, NGOs, community leaders, and volunteers who share a heart for bringing hope to the developing world through effective transportation.

There are many ways to help such as sending a donation or coming to Indianapolis to volunteer to help build a BUV or even traveling to Africa to volunteer to work in a BUV micro-factory.  Another easy way is to participate in our Switch&Support Plan.

You can help BUV Ministry better achieve its important mission by considering the various essential home-based services (electricity, natural gas, wireless w/Sprint, Virtual MD, Digital Voice, etc).

We can help you SWITCH your services or sign up for new service at these links or you can proceed to do so on your own if you wish.  You can usually save on these services while Stream (the Provider) will SUPPORT us for our development efforts.

CLICK ON THE SERVICE YOU WISH TO LEARN MORE ABOUT as you achieve your goals to maintain quality service at competitive prices while generating a monthly support for our non-profit.

1.  ENERGY (Electricity and/or Natural Gas)     

Energy (electricity and/or natural gas services) currently available in states of TX, GA, MD, PA, NY, NJ, DE, IL, OH & DC.

2.  WIRELESS (Mobile Phone Service)

Quote:  …“We switched our wireless service to the Switch&Support Stewardship Plan. We kept our same four phones and the same phone #s.  We got more data for a lower monthly payment!  We switched and saved plus generated about $50 more support for BUV Ministry every month!  Fortunately, Switch&Support provided a volunteer to help us make the switch.” – Will Austin, Founder of BUV Ministry (IAT)

NOTE:  To switch your wireless service using your current phone, you will need to go to the Settings / About Phone in your cell phone to obtain your IMEI #.  You will also be asked to confirm your MEID and ICCID #s.  You will need your current service account # and pin # to access that account to sign up for our Stream/ Sprint service.  Contact us if you need assistance to make this switch. 

Check the coverage for the 4 major mobile carriers in your city at  WhistleOut.


 4.  HOME SERVICES (Digital Voice, etc)


Thanks for helping us help us generate more funding for our non-profit.

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